In this section we are asked to write about personal thoughts/ events or moments related to architecture.

As for me, I knew since a very young age I want to be an architect. Even thought during the years you start to get new ideas, sometimes having doubts on old dreams, sometimes thinking you should something completely different. Taking the decision of relocating myself from Israel to Spain and try to be a true architect is more than a dream coming true – is a complete challenge and self-persona training that force me to deal with life itself – and that is why I really appreciate this big and brave step.

My grandfather from my dad’s side was a chief engineer in one of the leading food companies in Israel, called “Tnuva”, being responsible for all managing the communication, buildings and houseware department. I remember times in my childhood when I went with him to one of the construction sites for follow ups.

He was always so calm and organize. People admire his relaxed talk and way of thinking and I knew that one day, I am going to try continuing his way, with my way.

During my childhood I remember being always interested about buildings, Lego, the computer game “Sims”, wooden cubes to play with and build with – Everything that was related to building and creating structure was fascinating to me. I have spent a lot of time creating my own designed in lego for example – I remember watching movies with my dad – he likes the “Lord of the rings” triology. While watching with him, I remember noticing all the huge buildings, castles and villages – then, after finishing watching the movie, I went to my Lego and tried to copy the shape and structure that I have seen moment ago.