Being an architect is more than just having the profession or the title “Architect”.

First of all, the person who is an architect, needs to have many skills – you need to enjoy creating, thinking, solving problems. Need to have the skill of drawing, of analyzing figures and shapes, to like to travel and see new and different places, to read and become familiar with other´s works and ideas, to absorb and take pictures (as 1 picture worth as 1000 words), watch films, hear a lot of music and many more.

In my opinion, as I see all this things and trying to put them under the same title – we can say an architect is someone who needs/like to keep his mind busy with art, creativity, different perspective and challenge.

Moreover, in the end, the profession of architect is to know how to translate your thoughts into paper, into reality . They need to learn how to create using the understanding of materials and environment in order to make/ improve a space for the ones who are going to use it.

I think there is a lot of responsibility as well, as in the end, someone is asking us to build / design their house – where they are going to live, to have their best and worst moments with the people they love. A space that will define their day and night, their reality.